Funerals & Memorials: Working Together

Funeral & Memorial Releases: Working Together

The releasing of white doves at funerals and memorials is quickly becoming a popular way of adding that special touch to your loved ones memorial or funeral service.

In addition to flowers, a White Dove release for a funeral or memorial is one of the most loving and inspirational gifts to give to a loved one. The releasing of a white dove helps to begin the grieving process by opening the doors to “letting go” and is sure to live on in the memories of all attending the service. The trained white birds will soar into the sky, usually circling any number of times in a group before returning to their home lofts at distances up to several hundred miles.

At the end of the graveside service, family members release the doves from beautifully decorated baskets. The flock ascends into the sky and circles the area awaiting the spirit of the loved one to join them. Moments later, a single white dove, representing your loved ones spirit, is then released by a family member. The spirit dove joins the flock of “Angels” and all together they make the spiritual flight home.

Doves of Love, LLC works with funeral homes to bring to their customers the option of a dove release in their funeral package.  Many times customers will be interested in a release but are not sure where to go or who to contact to schedule one.  By bringing the dove release packages directly to the funeral homes, the grieving customer can easily select a package and not have to worry about making yet another phone call during their time of grieving.


The Holy Trinity:
4 Doves released symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit guiding the soul to Heaven.

Small Flock:
10 Doves released from a basket.

Premium Flock:
20 Doves released from a basket.

Heaven Awaits:
13 Doves.  A single Dove is released from a basket or by hand and flies to meet a small flock circling above symbolizing one soul rejoining with lost loved ones.

Premium Farewell:
30 Doves released from a basket.

Music is provided with every White Dove Release. All song requests can be given to us directly. Each package may be altered to fit your families requests.

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