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Funeral & Memorial Releases

Our family and staff believe it is a privilege to guide and help families during one of the most difficult times of their lives. As in any profession, quality of service and expertise differ from one professional to another. Quality should be known and expected, not perceived. You as well as your family deserve to receive the most professional, courteous, and ethical service available to you.


Schedule on a short notice.

We are always prepared for sudden arrangements and last minute dove releases. As the largest white dove release company in Western Pennsylvania, we have no problem meeting our clients needs on a short notice.

The following information will help us plan and prepare appropriately in the shortest amount of time

Please fill out the following information and a dove release coordinator will contact you by phone very shortly.


  • The Holy Trinity     $275.00
  • Small Flock     $350.00
  • Premium Flock     $400.00
  • Heaven Awaits     $425.00
  • Premium Farewell     $475.00


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The Holy Trinity:
4 Doves released symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit guiding the soul to Heaven.

Small Flock:
10 Doves released from a basket.

Premium Flock:
20 Doves released from a basket.

Heaven Awaits:
13 Doves.  A single Dove is released from a basket or by hand and flies to meet a small flock circling above symbolizing one soul rejoining with lost loved ones.

Premium Farewell:
30 Doves released from a basket.

Music is provided with every White Dove Release. All song requests can be given to us directly. Each package may be altered to fit your families requests.

Tributes to the Soul