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Doves and White Dove Releases

Staging a White Dove Release

  1. Select the outdoor location.
    Determine an outdoor location and perfect time for the release of the doves at your event.  Common choices are the entrance to a church, chapel, temple or synagogue, when the celebrants are exiting after the religious ceremony has taken place. A bride’s arrival to the religious site or to an outdoor reception venue, will turn into a romantic, glamorous entrance and an unforgettable sight for groom and guests alike.  Scenic outdoor photo shoots will be beautifully enhanced by the delicate white birds in flight, or as a fantail display.
  2. Select the number of doves.
    You may choose from the release of a single dove, a pair of doves, or a large flock of, for example, 30 birds.  With the release comes the choice of a hand release of the bird(s) or an automated release from baskets/carriers.
  3. Select the release method.
    The birds will be safely contained in decorative release cages, that can be coordinated with the venue’s decor style and color palette. The doves may be taken out of the container by hand and gently allowed to fly off, or the container door may be opened to allow the doves to fly away at will. Once a leader decides to take off in flight, the rest of the flock will follow. The doves may be visible for a while circling above while orienting themselves and then follow their course back to the nest. The doves are gentle birds that children can safely release by hand. 

Our Flock Of Doves

Doves have long been a symbol of peace and tranquility for humanity.  The exquisite plumage of a white dove and its sublime soaring in the sky is beautiful to behold.  The sight and sounds of the delicate birds taking off in flight is an emotionally uplifting experience.  Dove releases are a popular romantic or solemn highlight to weddings and religious occasions, and are increasingly in demand for parties, inaugurations and outdoor festivities.

Our doves are a variety derived from the rock pigeon bred for it’s homing ability that are provided to us by a well-recognized professional dove breeder with over 50 years of experience raising healthy, well trained homing birds.  They are housed in a specially designed loft, where they receive quality nutrition, a safe environment, their mate, and their nest.

Our birds are protected and displayed in decorative cages until the moment of release.  You may hand release or auto release the doves, depending on your package and preference.  Doves are delicate birds that are gentle even for even a child to hold and release.  Once our doves are released, they circle above the site orienting themselves, and as trained, they will fly back to their nest to find food, water and their mate even over a long distance.

Doves of Love is a professional provider of  white dove releases in Western Pennsylvania.  Our beautiful white birds are currently available for release at outdoor events and ceremonies in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and parts of West Virginia.